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Oslo, Norway


The New Norway: Globalization, National Identity, and the Politics of Belonging

Fall Semester

The New Norway: Globalization, National Identity, and the Politics of Belonging Term will provide a deep understanding of contemporary Scandinavia as a complex, progressive society with the most comprehensive systems of social protection in the world. Three integrated seminars will give you an understanding of the challenges and opportunities for the Scandinavian welfare states in an age of globalization and mass immigration. The program also explores the relationship between Scandinavian countries, the European Union and other global powers. Classes are held at the University of Oslo.


Courses are taken as an integrated whole and provide the equivalent of a semester’s worth of credit, or 16 semester hours.

Courses are taught in English. Students will also spend approximately four hours each week at a volunteer placement working with a variety of government and community organizations.

Challenges of Globalization to the Scandinavian Welfare State
Urbanization and Immigration (equivalent of 2 courses)
Scandinavian Art and Literature
Norwegian Language or Independent Study Project


Housing consists of a student village near campus that is shared with Norwegian and other foreign students, and a monthly food stipend is provided. One brief home stay is also arranged.


This HECUA semester abroad is an Saint Mary’s Affiliated Program. As such, all Federal and State aid (except work study) and up to $2,000 in Saint Mary’s institutional aid may be applied to the program’s costs. Contact the Director of Study Abroad to discuss program fees and financial aid.

HECUA distributes three distinctive scholarships to students applying or enrolled in HECUA programs. To learn more visit HECUA’s Scholarship Resource Page.

Program Dates/Application Deadline

The Fall Semester 2019 program dates are August 9 – November 22. The application deadline is March 15, 2019.

Application Procedures

To be eligible, you must have at least a 2.0 GPA (preferably a 2.5 GPA) and be of sophomore status.

Apply and Pay Application Fee of $50 online, submit a copy to the Study Abroad Office along with Saint Mary’s required paperwork. Application may be picked up in the Study Abroad Office, International Center, the Heights.

Apply Now!

Acceptance is contingent on a thorough review of the student’s application and subsequent approval from HECUA.

Next Steps

After acceptance, complete the following required items.

  1. Pay $500 non-refundable program deposit payable to Saint Mary’s
  2. Attend all orientation sessions.
  3. Obtain a passport. Submit a copy of the first page to the Study Abroad Office.
  4. Obtain a student visa.
  5. Arrange travel plans. Submit a copy of your flight itinerary to the Study Abroad Office.
Country/City Information

Norway, officially the Kingdom of Norway, borders Sweden, Finland and Russia.

The landscape is generally rugged and mountainous, with several major glaciers occupying central mountain plateau. Its coastline of over 51,500 miles has many steep-sloped inlets known as fjords.

Oslo is the capital of Norway and has a population of the city proper of approximately 542,000. Oslo metropolitan area has a population of about 1.3 million and close to 1.7 million people live in the Oslofjord region which sprawls out from Oslo on both sides of the fjord of which the city center of Oslo is situated at the end of, giving the region a U shape.

The average temperature in Oslo in January is 24 °F (-4 °C). The average temperature in July is 62 °F (16 °C). For the year, the average temperature is 42 °F (6 °C).

When Central Standard Time is in effect in the United States, Norway is seven hours ahead.

The currency in Norway is the Krone (NOK). 1 NOK = 100 øre. Krone bank notes come in the following denominations: 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000. Coins are in denominations of 50 øre, 1 NOK, 5 NOK, 10 NOK and 20 NOK.

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